Groundbreaking Technology For Your Acne Solutions

If you are experiencing stubborn acne or breakouts, we can provide the definitive solutions. Whether you are a teenager or adult, even the most stubborn acne can be removed with our advanced technology. We can make you 100% acne-free and bring a new change to your life.

We use the newest FDA approved technology to bring fast results to Southern California. Dr. Rispler is highly experienced in using state-of-the-art Laser/RF technology to clear the most serious acne and the scars they leave behind.

If you are affected by acne, no matter how old it is, our laser technology can be the solution you need. We stop acne breakouts in a more efficient and precise manner than over-the-counter medications. Our devices are fully effective and can work for any type or color of skin. Come visit us and see what laser systems can do for you.

If you want results now, please call us today and schedule your complimentary consultation.

Fractional C02 Laser

Computer-based scanner, enables faster rate of healing, eliminates acne scarring without errors, and performs skin tightening.

Super Pulse C02 Laser

High peak power removes lesions without applying heat. Reduces scars during the removal of moles, warts, and skin cancer. Patients can experience faster healing.

Contact RF

Improves acne scars for all skin tones without downtime. Creates more effective results than resurfacing.

Deeply Penetrating RF

Best nonsurgical skin tightening device. Provides acne scar revision and also treats face, neck, chest, and back areas. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Works on all skin tones.

Pulse Dye Laser

Gold standard laser for vascular lesions, rosacea, red acne scars, and vascular birthmarks

High Intensity Q yag Laser

Gold standard for pigmented lesions and multi-color tattoos, age spots, and brown discoloration

Long Pulse Yag Laser

Penetrates deeper than pulse dye, Treats deep vascular lesions and big blood vessels on the face. Increased hair removal success for dark skin tones.

1450 Diode

Primarily treats oil glands, [sabaceous] pathology. Controls acne and treats enlarged oil glands.

Narrow Band High Intensity Laser Like Light

Improves skin texture and eliminates sun damage. Treats the face, neck, chest, hands. Can simultaneously treat red and brown spots.

Acne Treatment Technology