Our Patient Reviews and Testimonials Speak for Themselves

Dr. Rispler and his team removed two moles from my face. They were very professional and I could not have received a better experience anywhere else. It is quite a drive for me to head up to this office, but it is worth it – every time.
Winsler S.
The staff here really did their job well. I wanted to mention them first, because they deserve it. Dr. Rispler treated me with no wait time and, as he promised, he removed by scars without even cutting me. His lasers worked like magic, I couldn't believe how much clearer my skin looked after the treatment. This guy is definitely what the celebrities say he is!
Rod L.
Dr. Rispler was very thorough and the treatment went smoothly without any pain or discomfort. He is one of the best in Los Angeles, I would gladly see him again.
Vanessa O.
The doctor and staff were great in their bedside manner and were not condescending at all. The office looked clean and had a lot of high tech equipment. I needed to have a tattoo removed, so I was expecting a lot of pain. To my surprise, Dr. Rispler used a laser that I didn’t even felt. My tattoo came off comfortably and it felt great! This doctor deserves more patients, I recommend him to anyone looking for great skin care.
Nikki E.